winc 2.0 is here
Winc listens to its users and continues to work on new functionality and the best user experience. After the successful launch of winc, the results at the first clubs were very promising. But now we go further.


Version 2.0 eliminates the need for any intervention by winc to use all the features of the tool. All data can be added to the tool completely autonomously.

New data management tools

What is not in an import can be done via the web interface with the help of special data management pages.
The following F&B page can now be managed directly in winc:
  • F & B
  • Articles
  • Categories
  • Points of sale
  • Stock
  • Suppliers
  • Sold Visitors
  • Barstaff
  • Barstaff - event
  • internalconsumptioncard

See the progress of dat processing

When new data is added, the data needs to be processed to the BI datasets. This process is started automatically after an import, or you can start it yourself.

Renewed dashboards

All dashboards were rebuilt from the ground up. This improved the speed 4 times. The look and feel has also been improved.
op 05/09/2020
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winc selected for the Vlaio Digital Innovation Program
Winc is proud to announce that Vlaio has selected winc for its Digital Innovation Program in Business & Artificial Intelligence.

Vlaio is an accelerator for entrepreneurs in Flanders. They encourage and support innovation and entrepreneurship, and contribute to a favourable business climate.

They'll make a substantial investment in research & development of winc in the coming 2 years.
op 23/02/2020
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Vanuit de divisies en ook KNVB Expertise is er het laatste jaar volop aandacht voor het vernieuwen van de verdienmodellen van BVO’s en hoe nieuwe inkomstenstromen aan te boren. Maar tussen al dit geweld is het ook goed te kijken naar een optimalisatie van de bedrijfsprocessen. Speciaal voor de ‘Community Financiën’ sprak KNVB Expertise met Christophe Segers, die bij Royal Antwerp als Operationeel Directeur verantwoordelijk was voor tonnen aan kostenbesparingen en een groei van de inkomsten. Zijn geheim? Een analytische geest en een SportLab (BI-platform) waardoor je je bedrijf echt leert kennen.
op 10/01/2020
  • knvb

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  • winc 2.0 is here
  • winc selected for the Vlaio Digital Innovation Program
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