About us

Opportunities without over priced consultancy

A club shouldn't need a data cruncher to know its data. We want to make data-driven business operations easy and accessible for clubs.

Bert Clybouw

Winc was founded in 2019 with the aim of helping sport clubs to optimize their organization.

Over the years the founders Christophe and Bert have built up unique knowledge with their experience in the professional sports world. They saw that clubs often share the same problems or ignore similar opportunities. Having the correct data or information on your club requires a large investment that is not reserved for everyone. For that reason they started to build a platform that deals with the data collection and information extraction that works for every club.

Winc captures data and transforms them in transparant/understandable views. They can use it independently without outside help.
A tool that pays for itself and becomes a must-have for any professional sports club.